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1440 HWY 96 Burns, TN 37029 | 615.794.9545. | Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm

2021 Air-tow E16-XL Pre-Owned


VIN: 512DE21T6MW107074
Condition: Used
Year: 2021
Manufacturer: Air-tow
Floor Length: 15′ 9″‘
Width: 75′
Weight: 4,795 lbs
GVWR: 14,795 lbs
Payload Capacity: 10,000 lbs
Color: White/Blue

Standard Features

Pre-Owned Air-tow E16-XL for Sale at Wallace Trailers

This trailer was sold in 2021 to one of our customers who only pulled it about 300 miles! Wallace Trailers recently repurchased the trailer and completed a full inspection. Other than giving it a good bath and replacing one of the rear door seals, this trailer is in great shape. You don’t find deals on trailers like this very often – give us call or come by and see us!

A 2023 version of this trailer would sell for $35,200

Included base price: Battery Trickle Charger, Spare Tire Bracket, Spare Tire and Nose Cone

GVWR: 14,795lbs
Payload Capacity: 10,000lbs
Deck Width: 6’3
Deck Length: 15’9
Deck Material: Steel Plate
Door Height: 91″ Roll Up
Ramp Size: 18″
Overall Width: 102″
Wheels/Tires: 16″ (12ply)
Brakes: Electric
Suspension: Rubber
Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic
Coupler: 2-5/16″
Color: Royal Blue/White

The E-16 XL is the largest enclosed trailer the Air-tow line and comes preloaded with many features. It has 15’9 of usable deck space and can carry ups to 10,000 lbs. The front-end is extended beyond the regular deck that allows for a 15 shelf and an extra 36 cubic ft. to work with. The extra storage space is easily accessible from the side or through an outside compartment door. The aerodynamic design of the front-end not only adds space but reduces air resistance and increases gas mileage. The back-end is also extended 16″ to round out the total storage space at 838 cubic ft.
Other standard features that set the E-16 XL apart from the regular E-16 include: a self-locking rollup door 2 LED interior lights and a 3/8″ plywood interior lining. This trailer is also very customizable with options for E-track, X-track, nose cone and many more accessories.