1440 HWY 96 Burns, TN 37029 | 615.794.9545. | Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm

1440 HWY 96 Burns, TN 37029 | 615.794.9545. | Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm

Air-Tow Trailers : Innovative Transportation Solutions for Tennessee Businesses 

As a third-generation Nashville trailer dealership, Wallace Trailers has watched the trailer industry evolve dramatically over the decades. However, one thing has remained constant – the excellence and innovation behind Air-Tow’s line of equipment haulers, dump trailers, and cargo solutions.  

At Wallace Trailers, we have built our reputation as the nation’s largest and most trusted Air-tow dealer by prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you are moving scissor lifts to a construction site or transporting landscaping materials across Tennessee, an Air-tow trailer provides the durability and versatility to get the job done right. 

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Innovation Powers Superior Towing  

What sets Air-tow apart is their hydraulic-operated sliding suspension system. This innovative design distributes the load equally between all wheels, maximizing towing stability and minimizing stress on the towing vehicle. The floating axles also allow for tighter turning radiuses – a gamechanger for navigating job sites or tight downtown traffic.  

Air-tow’s engineers refuse to cut corners, constructing their trailers from top-of-the-line materials like 100,000 PSI steel and pressure-treated wood. Critical components like axles, wheels, and couplers are evaluated beyond their limits to ensure dependable, low-maintenance performance year after year. 

Quality Means Maximizing Your Investment 

An Air-tow trailer is an investment that pays dividends through its superior quality and longevity. At Wallace Trailers, we specialize in helping companies determine the perfect Air-Tow model to fit their needs while maximizing their purchasing power. 

Here are just five of the exceptional Air-tow products currently in our current inventory: 

Air-Tow Trailer Model Trailer Price 

Air-Tow S8-35 Equipment Trailer $11,025 

Air-Tow 3D-12 Drop-Deck Dump Trailer $28,660 

Air-Tow DH-10 Dock Height Equipment Trailer $33,410 

Air-Tow E-14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer $31,385 

Air-Tow T16-14 Tandem Axle Utility Equipment Trailer $23,895 

The Air-Tow S8-35 is a contractor’s dream, able to tow 3,500 lbs. of equipment effortlessly. Its low-profile design and 4,590 GVWR rating make it an ideal choice for scissor lift transportation. 

For landscaping loads, the Air-Tow 3D-12 Drop-Deck Dump trailer boasts a massive 10,000 lbs. payload capacity along with Air-tow’s signature ground-level loading. Utterly unique in design, the 3D-12 trailer offers the dual-purpose flexibility of being both a drop-deck and dump trailer all-in-one. 

If you need a nimble equipment hauler able to load/unload at typical dock heights, the Air-Tow DH-10 trailer is the perfect fit. And for enclosed cargo versatility, the Air-Tow E-14 trailer keeps your valuable gear secure while Air-Tow’s rubber suspension ensures a smooth towing experience. 

Finally, the Air-Tow T16-14 Utility Trailer brings impressive payload capabilities in a lightweight, easily towable package great for heavy safes, scissor lifts, forklifts, HVAC units, and more. 

Unmatched Customer Support 

Beyond our premium Air-tow inventory, Wallace Trailers has built a reputation for outstanding customer service and support. Our sales team will work closely with you to select the perfect model, options, and financing to meet your company’s needs. 

•  Customization – Air-tow offers a wide range of accessories and enhancements from equipment tie-down packages to multiple chassis colors and much more.  

•  Financing – We offer flexible financing solutions including package pricing attractive lease and loan options 

•  Service – Our certified trailer technicians provide comprehensive repair, maintenance, and inspection services 

No matter which Air-Tow trailer model joins your fleet, you can count on the durability, safety, and towing excellence that has made them an industry leader for over 40 years. Experience the Air-tow difference by contacting or visiting us at Wallace Trailers today at our Burns, TN location.