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Disaster Relief & Emergency Response Trailers: What You Need to Know

Emergencies and disasters are unavoidable, how we prepare for these events is the difference between chaos and control. When we are unprepared, chaos reigns. When we have a plan of action and the proper equipment to back that plan, lives are saved as chaos does not have the freedom to spread unchecked. 

At Wallace Trailers in Nashville, Tennessee, we help you design and secure the proper trailer to fight and win when disaster strikes. Our disaster relief and emergency response trailers are critical assets that empower emergency teams to provide immediate assistance and essential services when disasters strike.

From natural catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods, to human-caused incidents such as large scale industrial accidents or mass shooting our specialized trailers are designed to meet the needs of affected communities swiftly and effectively. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of disaster relief trailers, discussing their purpose, various types, essential features, and how they are used in the field.

Understanding Disaster Relief Trailers

Disaster relief and emergency response trailers are mobile trailers equipped to handle the unique demands of any emergency situation. Essentially, they are portable command centers and support trailers that allow responders to carry the necessary tools and supplies directly to the site of a disaster. These trailers are built to withstand harsh conditions and are often equipped with generators and satellite communication equipment which enable them to operate in remote and severely impacted areas.

Types of Disaster Relief Trailers

The functionality of a disaster relief trailer often dictates its design. Here are several common types of trailers used in disaster response operations:

  • Medical Trailers: These trailers are outfitted as mobile health care centers, complete with medical supplies, equipment for emergency treatment, and sometimes even mobile surgery facilities. They are essential for providing immediate medical attention to injured individuals when local healthcare facilities are unreachable or overwhelmed.
  • Command Center Trailers: Used by emergency management teams to coordinate disaster response efforts, these trailers are equipped with communication equipment and technology to monitor the situation and make strategic decisions.
  • Bathroom, Shower and Sanitation TrailersMaintaining hygiene in the in the middle of a disaster or emergency situation is crucial to prevent the spread of disease. In addition to having portable toilets and showers on site, our sanitation trailers can be set up as decontamination centers as needed during an outbreak or chemical spill.
  • Bunkhouse and Sleeper Trailers: When houses or hotels are not available, mobile bunkhouse and sleeper trailers fill the need for emergency workers on site. Our bunkhouse and sleeper trailers are capable of housing between 4-16 people at one time.
  • Catering and Kitchen Trailers: Ensuring that victims and responders are fed, these trailers come equipped with kitchen facilities to prepare and serve hot meals.

Essential Features of Disaster Relief Trailers

When deploying disaster relief trailers, several features are crucial for their effective operation:

  • Durability: Trailers must be built to endure rough terrain and extreme weather conditions, ensuring that they can reach and operate in disaster-stricken areas.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Given the potential for infrastructure damage in disaster areas, it’s important for trailers to be self-sufficient. This includes having their own power generators, water purification systems, and waste management solutions.
  • Flexibility: The ability to customize the interior and the equipment based on the specific needs of each disaster is key. Our team of engineers and experts work closely with our customers to design and build each trailer to meet their stated need.
  • Storage: Ample storage for emergency supplies, medical equipment, and basic necessities like food and water is essential, ensuring that these resources are readily available when needed.


Essential tools, like our custom disaster recovery and emergency management trailers heightens the performance of brave men and women who step up in the face of adversity. Our trailers are the support and advantage they need to successfully manage chaotic situations. Please reach out to our team, here at Wallace Trailers and let us know how we can help you.