How to Determine Your Trailer’s GVWR and Why It Matters

When dealing with trailers, one of the most critical factors to understand is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This number isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a key safety measure that ensures you operate your trailer within safe limits. Understanding GVWR is crucial for both compliance with legal standards and for maintaining the safety and […]

Air-Tow Trailers : Innovative Transportation Solutions for Tennessee Businesses 

As a third-generation Nashville trailer dealership, Wallace Trailers has watched the trailer industry evolve dramatically over the decades. However, one thing has remained constant – the excellence and innovation behind Air-Tow’s line of equipment haulers, dump trailers, and cargo solutions.   At Wallace Trailers, we have built our reputation as the nation’s largest and most trusted […]

The Role of Trailers in Disaster Recovery Efforts

The road to recovery after a disaster can be long and challenging. When this happens, trailers that are designed and deployed for disaster recovery efforts can speed up the process and help a community get back on its feet. From providing temporary housing to operational command centers, emergency response trailers help aid the recovery process. […]

Disaster Relief & Emergency Response Trailers: What You Need to Know

Emergencies and disasters are unavoidable, how we prepare for these events is the difference between chaos and control. When we are unprepared, chaos reigns. When we have a plan of action and the proper equipment to back that plan, lives are saved as chaos does not have the freedom to spread unchecked.  At Wallace Trailers […]

Exploring the Different Types of Trailers and Their Uses

Trailers are versatile tools that serve a multitude of purposes across various industries. From transporting goods to providing temporary office space, the applications are nearly endless. This detailed exploration dives into the different types of trailers available on the market and how they are used in specific sectors. Understanding the diversity of trailers can help […]

Selecting a Trailer for Disaster Relief: A Buyer’s Guide

When disaster strikes, being adequately prepared can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of relief efforts. One crucial aspect of this preparation is selecting the right trailer for disaster relief operations. Trailers serve various functions in disaster scenarios, from mobile command centers and medical units to housing and supply storage. Choosing the right type […]

Choosing the Right Type of Trailer for Your Needs

Whether you’re hauling heavy equipment, transporting goods, or setting up a mobile office, choosing the right type of trailer is crucial for efficient, safe, and cost-effective operations.  Trailers come in various designs, each suited to specific tasks.  Making an informed choice requires understanding the types of trailers available and their capabilities. This guide will help […]